Specialty Risk Services, LLC  (SRS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the prestigious Hartford Insurance Corporation.  Unfortunately, this subsidiary has not mastered the art of Third Party Administration (TPA).  At least, that is what this Better Business Bureau website indicates.  SRS is a TPA.  Many large self-insured companies, from Albertson’s to YMCA, use TPAs to process their claims from start to finish so they don’t have too.  This allows the self-insured company’s focus to remain on their industry.
If your Claims Representative is not returning phone calls, file a complaint with the Department of Insurance (DOI) in your State.  The insurance companies or Third Party Administrators (TPA) have a specified amount of time to get in contact with you or your attorney.  If the DOI in your State gets too many complaints, they will pull the license of the insurance company or TPA to process claims there.  In California, call the California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Worker’s Compensation Information and Assistance Unit (800) 736-7401.
To find your State’s Department of Insurance, go to the LINK section.